NGA-Group startet its business.

Cologne, May 25th.

Founder of The Guild Of Erotic Artists and Art-Promoter Colin Ballard, Artists Paul John Ballard and Digital Entrepreneur Andre Lebenslieber, Advertising Expert Bianca Schlich and Merchandise Guru Benjamin Douglass came together to combine their expertise to a innovative art-related service company : The concept of the Next Generation Art Group was born.

Art is hobby,
art is fun,
art is desire,
art is decoration,
art is a way of expression,
art is identification,
on top of all, best is if art offers value! Value for the collector and monetisation for the artist.

We are Next Generation Art. We offer Art-related creative solutions for many artists and businesses. We take pride in our work and everything we create is executed with precision and love.

We are neither a publisher, nor a gallery. We are acting somewhere in the middle between a traditional PR-Agency, a traditional gallery, traditional publisher and we are different! We offer art production and we connect artists with merchandise producers, product designers, publishers to bring the artists idea to a new level of monetisation.

We try our best to keep the “magic touch” of unique and extraordinary art while we are focusing to serve the mainstream market with high quality premium products for a reasonable price. We are selling online over different unique niche theme-channels and we run our own art exhibitions in cooperation’s with potential galleries or on events around the world.

Our services offering ranges from “art to product” design to e-commerce setups. We offer a professional exceptional network around Communication, Film, Culture, Design, Marketing, Print Production and Software Development. Our partners guarantee an extraordinary amount of experience and authenticity.