Pin-Ups meets PopArt

The cult-artwork of Paul John Ballard

Pin-Ups meet Pop Art

The concept of Pin-Up PopArt mixes the classic Pin-Up models and poses with modern but also classic PopArt. There are 7 Editions of the famous Pin-Up PopArt Series: London, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, Chicago, Moskau, Tokio, which vary from eachother in different colors, style and poses of the models.

Created by Paul John Ballard

Each edition is a selection of 7 sections. 1 Square and 6 departments. The square is surrounded by its departments.
Usually 3 departments to the left and 3 departments to the right. Each department stands for a city district. Two single departments fit together like their positions on the real map.

With the Pin-Up PopArt Series artist Paul John Ballard created a modern and inspiring art which combines classic erotic nude and puristic architecture with the bright colors of contemporary PopArt.

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